About Us

Well, hello there, how are you?  You found us.  Congrats!

We wanted to start this blog for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is to share our adventures as we attempt to change our life for the better.  We’ve started changing the way we look at money, possessions and just life in general.  We’ve changed the way we think about our activities and what we value.  It’s been an interesting process, some of which we have learned the hard way, some of which we have lucked our way through.

This was started as a way for us to connect with folks out there that seem to think there is a better way to live life.  It’s an outlet that allows us to spread what we’ve learned and gather better ways to do things.  It’s a way for us to confirm that there is more to life than sitting in a cube for 40 years accumulating things that add no value and create more waste and stress than we can handle.

So, what’s with the name?

Well…  on Sundays, like a lot of families do, we make a nice breakfast and sit at the table to eat it.  It’s a welcome change to our usual weekday routine of eating a bowl of cereal, some fruit and a cup of tea/coffee.  One Sunday while we were sitting there eating our nice homemade waffles and bacon, Mrs. WoW says, “I really enjoy these mornings.  It’s nice to have the time to relax in the morning.”  To which Mr. WoW replied, “You know sometime soon, we’ll be making waffles on Wednesday.”*


And that was it, it’s become a bit of an ideology about how we want to live our life.  We didn’t want to live to work and be strapped to a 9-5 job to pay for a lifestyle that was just ok, which so many people do. We wanted to do life our way, do things against the grain and do what really makes us happy. We wanted to live and experience all that life can offer.

So, here goes nothing.

We’re going to discuss any number of things that we find interesting,  challenging or just downright pertinent to living:  investing, minimalism, travel, finance, revelations, realizations, frugality, sustainability and any other related topics that comes to mind.  Or I guess, just our journey toward the simple idea of enjoying a lovely relaxing breakfast in the middle of the week, every week.

Join us on our journey, give us hints and pointers as we know that we don’t have all the answers, but with some luck, we hope to make our lives, and maybe some others, just a little better.

(Side note: Mr. WoW’s account of how our name came about, may or may not be accurate. I’ll just leave this here.- Mrs. WoW)



We are not finance or tax professionals.  We’re just two people typing stuff onto the internet for our own entertainment.  If you decide to take any of this advice, your mileage may vary and we’re not responsible for the outcome.  We’re just trying to be as honest and open about what we did to hopefully let other people learn from it.


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