Guest Post Physician On Fire: Working Worldwide with the Wows- Financial Independence and Volunteering

Hey there waffle tribe, today’s post is an “in case you missed it” post.

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to guest post over at Physician On Fire’s site. And let me tell you, it was an absolute honor.

Physician On Fire was one of the first FIRE blogs that I started reading and I immediately became hooked. Even though I am not a doctor, I connected so much with what he was saying just from working within healthcare.

Everything resonated with me… well almost everything. Some of the “Doc Talk” went over my head, but it was really the first blog that I could connect with both financially and professionally.

I then was fortunate enough to meet POF and his amazing wife at FinCon 2017 in Dallas and had a blast chatting it up with them at the beer party and dancing our hearts out at the costume party. We then cruised to Cuba with them this past fall and celebrated by having Mojitos on Monday while in Havana. That was a treat!

Besides being just all around wonderful people, Mr and Mrs. POF and their two young boys also hugely value volunteer work, just like someone else I know ;o)

They volunteered their time in Honduras last May and from what it sounds like they had an incredible, life-changing experience.

So it only made sense that when I was asked to do a guest post, that it would be about volunteering, a topic that is near and dear to my heart as well.

To be honest, it took me some time to craft this post, mainly because writing about my volunteer experiences tends to be somewhat challenging for me.

Not really sure why that is. Maybe because it is extremely hard to put all my experiences into words. Maybe because I have faced a lot of negative feedback when telling people about my international volunteer work.

Regardless of the reason, I share my international volunteering work as a way to document my experiences and hopefully inspire others to give back in any way that they can.

I know that volunteering abroad may not be for everyone, but whatever your passion is, whatever need you see that needs to be addressed, I hope you read my words and go do something about it.

I hope, if anything, this post plants a seed to make some positive change in today’s world in whatever capacity you want to and see fit.

So without further ado, go check out my guest post:

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