It’s Your Journey – Make It Your Own

Financial independence: What is it? How does one achieve it?  And ultimately, what does it mean in the grand scheme of life? For the past few years, Mr. Wow and I have been casually throwing this term around in our daily conversations as if we were talking about the weather.  Between the two of us, we have confirmed our “end game” and acknowledged the path in which we need to get there.  We have spent  many hours reading blogs and books, as well as talking with friends who share a similar interest in the FIRE movement, which is kinda few and far between, since most people do not understand our process. We also spend a considerable amount of time doing our own research; investigating the best ways to save and invest our money, figuring out how to live minimally and sustainably,  all while taking steps to decrease our footprint on the world.

There is an abundance of knowledge out there on these subjects, all written by super sharp and resourceful people.  I absolutely love reading posts from that facial hair man, the spicy biscuit family, the loco-financialist or the lady who lives in the thrifty thicket, to name a few. I constantly find myself nodding my head when they mention something that lines up with my own viewpoints.  On the other hand, its even better when the light bulb goes on after reading something that I hadn’t even considered yet, thus changing the trajectory of my journey.  I had some aha moments just today listening to a podcast about not buying a house.

That being said, there is one thing that I have come to learn about this whole process and that one thing is: there is no one way to do it.  There isn’t a single recipe or one yellow brick road that leads you to early retirement and financial independence.  Every post that I have read from others has had great insight into what worked and didn’t work for them. They all have their own bag-o-tricks that have helped them reach their goal.  Some say buying real-estate is the way to go, while others say to only rent.  Some say you must only eat lentils, while others say you can eat whatever you want just in moderation.  Some say concentrate on saving as much money as you can, while others say concentrate on expanding your income.  Some say it is better to have roots in one place, while others vouch for the nomadic lifestyle.  And the list goes on and on…

All in all, I’ve learned that the most important aspect of this whole thing is taking in all the information and making it work for you. What has worked for other people, may or may not work for me and what works for me, may or may not work for you.  The bottom line is to figure out what you want, what is worth your time and money and then make it happen. So, how do you choose your own adventure?


  • Tonya@Budget and the Beach January 18, 2017 at 6:04 am

    i hear ya! I know at times, at least for me, I fall under the influence of someone else’s “way” of doing things, of FIRE. I think somehow I’m missing the boat. But no one is in my unique shoes. I have to try and remember that.

    • Mrs WoW January 19, 2017 at 9:40 pm

      Totally! I love reading everyone’s posts about what they do or have done, but ultimately its up to me to do what is meaningful and purposeful. Personally, I get a kick out of being a salmon and going against a grain, making my own path. I will leave you with this “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn” (you know how I love my quotes)


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