Not all Detours Are Created Equal

Today’s post happens to be a guest post I did for our friend Tonya over at Budget and the Beach.

Here’s a glimpse:

I’ll begin by telling you a story. It was before we fully went down the FIRE rabbit hole.  At this time we were still somewhat thrifty and attempted to keep costs down, but I digress:

Story Time

For our honeymoon, we spent 6 weeks backpacking around Europe (I know… I know… very lucky).  We were en route to Munich from Salzburg in our rental car when Mrs. Wow saw something of interest in our handy-dandy travel book: Eisriesenwelt (or Giant Ice Cave).  Being that we had some time to spare, we made a brief detour to see what it was all about…..

You read the entire thing here: Not all Detours Are Created Equal

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