Out of Office Message

Sorry, we’re currently out of the office.  In case you didn’t know, we’re in Ecuador at the Chautauqua, hanging out with Mr. Money Mustache, Mad Fientist, Paula Pant, a Fiery Millennial, a Coach, and the Godfather himself, Jim Collins.

And while all those guys are great, we’re also meeting other fantastic people and having phenomenal conversations about finances, life, and happiness.  We even met the folks behind a documentary being made about the whole FIRE community: playingwithfire.co

We’ll return to the office next week with great stories and our regularly scheduled programming.

Here’s a preview of the pictures:

Passion Fruit Honey Ale.. Yummy…

Here’s the equator! Mitad del Mundo!!!

An Ecuadorian Dance Festival

Cuicocha hike. Great Hike… Long Hike.

Another View from the Hike.

In the mean time… here’s an old post that’s been a topic of conversation here:  The Tax is Right

Until next week….

Mrs. & Mr. Wow


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