Sharing is Caring!

We all remember one of the pivotal lessons learned in preschool; the old saying “sharing is caring”, right? Amazing that something we are exposed to at such a young age, still holds true later in life.  Recently, I’ve been reflecting on just how important and valuable this skill actually is.  While keeping in mind this whole financial independence and minimalist intention, sharing plays a huge role.  Over the past couple months, Mr. WoW and myself have begun sharing our meals more regularly.  Not only has this sharing business had a positive impact on our wallet, but also our waistline and ultimately, our health.

Before I continue with my story, let me back up and explain the years and circumstances leading up to this development.  I absolutely love food, except for that with fennel, blue cheese or mayonnaise on it. Worst case scenario being something consisting of all three items together, yuck! That being said, I am game to try a variety of foods and have even developed a liking for


Cochinillo from Spain

some food items within my adult life, more specifically yogurt.  I know, you’re probably thinking what kid doesn’t like yogurt? Well, I was that kid.  Couldn’t stand it: the smell, the taste, the texture.  It was all wrong.  But ever since our trip to Europe 2 years ago, where the daily breakfast spread consisted mainly of bread and yogurt, I learned to appreciate it and actually currently choose to eat it a few mornings a week.  Go me! Not only do I pride myself on trying a multitude of foods, but I would even consider myself rather adventurous when it comes to my tastebuds.  I’ve tried bacalhau (salted cod) in Lisbon, Portugal, cochinillo (suckling pig) in Segovia, Spain and even cuy (guinea pig) in Quito, Ecuador to name a few.

My husband, although his mother claims that he was a picky eater growing up, is even more of a garbage disposal than me.  He eats everything! Well, everything except for grapes, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and blueberries (They taste like dirt -MrWoW).  He also eats a lot and eats rather quickly too.  I learned very early on in our relationship that sharing meals, meant that I got 2-3 bites and Mr.WoW (boyfriend WoW back then) would eat everything else.  One of his college roommates went so far as to refuse to order pizza with him, because he would eat the entire thing without sharing. In order to survive, I knew sharing was not going to work. I resorted to ordering my own meals, allowing him to eat some only when I was steadily full.


Cuy from Ecuador

I also want to point out that for the majority of our relationship, we ate out. We probably cooked one meal a week and the rest was spent either going out to eat or ordering to-go.  Needless to say, we contributed our fair share to the salaries of restaurant workers and bartenders in our little beach city.

I let you in on this back story to shed light that this new found food sharing mentality, has definitely been a purposeful and decisive action for us.  It has made us change our previous ways and made us more cognizant of the act of mealtime.  We now cook a majority of our food and portion out meals for dinner, while immediately packaging up leftovers for lunch the next day.  When we do eat out, we now make every effort to share: we’ll split one sandwich or one burger, one bag of chips and one drink, rather than getting two of everything.  If we do order a meal each, we order a to-go bag as soon as the food comes and put in half (or more) to take home leftovers.  The other week, Mr. WoW and I went out for some Mexican food, an emerging tradition for us on Friday nights.  We both ordered a burrito and I kid you not, they were each the size of a football.  All in all, we got 8 meals (4 meals each) out of the football burritos.  An additional consideration was that we’re also spending at least half as much as we would have previously.  Minimizing our spending per month, as well as the amount of food we consume.  An unexpected result of this sharing behavior was also that I lost about 5 pounds over the past month or so, change nothing but the portion size. I’d say its a win-win.  More money saved and improved health and overall well-being.

Ever since I’ve embarked on this path towards minimalism, I always considered it just to be with actual stuff, like clothing, household items, books, etc.  But I was wrong.  Minimalism is a way of life, permeating through all aspects of it. Food was just another thing to be minimal with. And what better way to be mindful of food than to share with someone you love.  What do you think?  Are there other things and ways to share?


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    […] The WoW’s launched their blog in October of 2016 and Mrs. WoW immediately started dropping pearls of wisdom on the readers. Including this gem from their very first post, “Minimalism is a way of life, permeating through all aspects of it.”  […]

  • Ms. Fiology October 23, 2018 at 10:17 am

    What an awesome first post!! Happy blogiversary and thanks for sharing your FI journey with us! I read your posts with laughter and thought and am inspired 🙂
    Ms. Fiology recently posted…Negotiating for a Raise as a Woman

    • Mrs WoW October 23, 2018 at 5:55 pm

      Thank you Ms.Fi! Means the world to hear that.


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